Education and Training Archive

Harmful and non-harmful phenotypes of mice

Capture and transport of cephalopods

Rat housing

Pig training and conditioning for research

Executive Committee


Pain management in zebrafish

Athens 2025 Scientific Committee

Methods of Humane killing of laboratory fish

Health monitoring for fish in research - FELASA-AALAS WG

Zebra fish: housing, husbandry, and health monitoring recommendations

Veterinary care of laboratory animals - FELASA/ECLAM/ESLAV WG

Severity: classifications and statistical reporting - FELASA/ECLAM/ESLAV WG

Revision of recommendations for education and training: Category A

Reporting of clinical signs in laboratory animals

Rehoming of animals used for scientific and educational purposes

Refinement of methods for genotyping of genetically modified rodents

Production and nomenclature of transgenic rodents

Health monitoring of rodents for animal transfer - AALAS-FELASA WG

Harm-benefit analysis of animal studies - AALAS-FELASA WG

Genetic quality assurance and genetic monitoring of laboratory murines

Evaluation of quality systems for animal units

Ethical review of animal experiments

Animal identification

Farm animals - Health and welfare of ruminants and pigs

Severity Workshops

Blood sampling of rodents

Harmonisation of education, training and CPD for laboratory animal caretakers and technicians - FELASA-EFAT WG

Marseille 2022 Organising Committee

Marseille 2022 Scientific Committee

Benchmarking the Ratio of Technical Staff for the Care of laboratory mice, according to the personnel’s role and housing and husbandry conditions

Transport of laboratory animals - FELASA-AALAS WG

Nutrition of laboratory rodents

Pain management in mice

Methodology for Health Monitoring of mice maintained in IVCs

Revision of guidelines for health monitoring of rodents and rabbits

Role of the designated veterinarian - FELASA-ECLAM-ESLAV WG

Welfare and health management of laboratory dogs, cats and ferrets

Health & welfare management of laboratory chickens

Health & welfare management of the Equine Species in research and education

Severity classification in zebrafish and their larvae

Anaesthesia and Analgesia in calves, goats, sheep and pigs for biomedical research

Experimental design in education and training

Revision of guidelines for health monitoring of non-human primates

Revision education and training recommendations towards 2010/63/EU

Curriculum of education in LAS in biosciences and medicine

Continuing education for persons involved in animal experiments

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