Health monitoring of rodents for animal transfer - AALAS-FELASA WG

Transfer of rodents between institutions for research purposes occurs continuously between animal facilities in the United States, Europe and worldwide. The logistics involved in these transfers become complex due to the scientific value of the animals, the legal hurdles that need to be addressed for inter-nation/country shipments, and the possibility of transmitting unwanted microbiological agents between institutions. At the European level, FELASA has issued health monitoring recommendations for rodents that are widely followed in Europe and this has resulted in harmonization of practices and better quality of the animals used. It may be anticipated that the positive impact the recommendations have had on intra-European countries could be expanded to the international community as detailed by experts in this arena at the 2011 AALAS Meeting. A consensus on minimum health monitoring recommendations and presentation format which can be applied for international transfer of rodents is anticipated to protect the welfare of animals and facilitate the transfer process thereby saving resources.

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