Rehoming of animals used for scientific and educational purposes

In article 29 the European Directive introduced a new responsibility forlaboratories that was designated as “rehoming”. In Article 27 of the directive theAnimal Welfare Body was assigned to promote this responsibility as an ethical value. In order to assist laboratories and institutions in implementation of this task, recommendations are needed for guidance. Rehoming of an animal should be included as soon as possible in the project design. Animal providers as well as housing conditions are important factors that have to be taken into account before releasing an animal. The recommended personnel involved in the process of rehoming must be discussed (caretakers, veterinarians, researchers). The future owners have to be informed about the special problems that might occur with rehomed animals; resulting from their special genetics and/or experimental procedures. The working group reviewed current literature and identified practices for rehoming that already exist in order to issue general recommendations.








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